Customers Say...

I like being able to pay using my credit card and I can log on from anywhere.
Kathy - NJ
I know when I need oil and what I want to pay - COD Oil fits my budget perfectly.
Tony NY

CODOil.Com is a leading provider of discount heating oil. Unlike many websites when you buy from CODOil.Com you do not simply receive quotes from a network of dealers, we take your order and deliver your fuel oil.

CODOil.Com provides you with easy access to the best prices on quality home heating oil. If you live in our service area you can quickly and easily get an instant quote and order your home heating oil online. The benefits of buying oil from COD Oil are many:

Best Possible Price Saves You Money
It's pretty hard to find a better price and a better deal than you'll find on CODOil.Com
High Quality #2 Heating Oil
COD Oil provides you with the same high-quality #2 home heating oil that you'd get from a full-service dealer.
Easy on-line ordering system
Whether you are at work or at home - just get online and you can breeze through the order process 24/7. Set up an account with us and it's even faster.
Payment Flexibility
Pay by COD or credit card - it's your choice.